Shovelhead Rear Fender LONG Struts
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Zombie Performance Shovelhead LONG Struts.

Replace the boring straight rear fender stuts with these curved old school looking struts.

1/4in steel avaliable in raw steel or powder coated finish.

Works with standard width rear fenders (* 6.625in between the struts when mounted to standard shovelhead frames)

*These will require custom work to mount your fender and some trimming to make these look their optimum...but thats the point.  Stock sucks!

**due to different tire sized be careful that the tire you are using will clear the mounting hardware you use and the fender it's self.

***These were designed on a stock swing arm shovel with a 5.00x16 firestone and a standard fxe fender.

**** These will be powder coated to order. Please allow about a week for the powder coating process.

As always,...MADE IN THE USA!!!

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Shovelhead Rear Fender LONG Struts

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