Shooting POST Bracket SET.
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Zombie Performance Original Shooting Post Style Bracket set for Static Gongs.

This simple bracket kit lets you hang multiple targets on a single 2x4 lumber post. These quickly assemble and disassemble for quick set up and tear down. You can let the 2x4 free stand loosly in the bracketts to ease the shock on your targets or your can hard mount them with lag or through bolts depending on your mounting preferance.

Bottom Stake mount lets you solidly mount your shooting stand in firm soils. The little wings on the side are there so you can use your foot to drive it into the ground in looser soils or you can use a hammer in tougher soils.

Mid mounts let you hang 6 or 8in diamter gongs off the side of the post. You can free mount them and watch them walk down the post as you shoot them or you can through or lag bolt them in place.

Top mount lets you mount your main gong centered at the top of the post. This mount is slightly angled to help direct bullet fragmentation downward instead of back in your direction.

Simple set up and 2x4s are cheap! Just add your gongs, 2x4s, and prefered mounting hardware.

  • Item #: Shooting POST Bracket Set

Shooting POST Bracket SET.

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